• Probe dust filter

    Probe Dust Filter

    The electronic temperature and humidity sensor is the most critical component on an instrument.  The Dust filter protects that sensor by preventing debris from entering your temperature/humidity probe.  Use of the filter can dramatically extend...
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  • 8" chart

    Charts for Variable Input Recorder

    These 8″ chart come in packs of 60 and are designed for 8″ Chart Recorders. Only genuine Dickson charts are required for your chart recorder to read accurately.   Variable Input Recorder Charts Output Range 24...
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  • pH / ORP Amplifier pH / ORP Amplifier

    pH / ORP Amplifier

    PHAMP is a single ended preamplifier that boosts the electrode signal useful and necessary for electrode cables extended longer than 50 ft up to 300 feet. Amplifier has a male BNC on one end and female BNC on the other. A BNC extension cable may be...
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  • Loop Isolator Loop Isolator

    Loop Isolator

    This unique loop isolator is used to isolate a 4-20mA output. The LPI51 is a loop powered isolator which accepts a 4-20mA signal and creates a proportional output 4-20mA signal. The input and output currents are galvanically isolated from each other...
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  • PS111 Pressure Switch with Dry Contact

    PS111 Pressure Switch with Dry Contact

    Documentation PS111 quick guide PS111 Pressure Switch Manual PS111, pressure switch with NEMA 4X is designed to make a dry contact in the event of a change in the flow followed by a change of pressure. It may be use as a flow switch. The sensitivity of...
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  • PS110 Pressure Switch with 110 VAC

    PS110 Pressure Switch with 110 VAC

    Documentation PS110 quick guide PS110 Pressure Switch Manual PS110 Pressure Switch receptacle comes with a NEMA 4X switch box with a power 110VAC receptacle to plug in a device. Provided are tubing for inline connection, fittings and power cord...
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  • CL203 Extech Chlorine Reagent Tablets, 10 pack

    CL203 Extech Chlorine Reagent Tablets, 10 pack

    CL203 are ExTab Chlorine Reagent tablets (10pk-100 tests) for the Extech CL200 Chlorine Meter. Foil packaging provides very stable environment with long shelf life. No messy powder reagents for hassle free calibration of your Extech meter. Includes 10...
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