Ion Selective Electrodes

Ion Selective Electodes (ISE) have been designed to provide you with the best in performance and reliability. Measurement by ISE is applicable in virtually every laboratory. Use ISEs to measure ion concentrations in water, food, pharmaceuticals, and biological samples. Analytical methods using ISEs have been developed and published throughout the world. The main advantages of electrode technology are the variety of analytical methods available. Ion selective electrodes can be used as endpoint indicators or to perform direct measurements and incremental techniques.
Electrode measurements are simpler and faster than other analytical techniques. Time-consuming sample preparation steps such as filtrations and distillations are rarely needed. Analysis time is typically under one minute. In comparison to other methods, such as atomic absorption or ion chromatography, the initial cost of setup is less and does not require additional, expensive readout equipment. Methods are adaptable to both lab and field use. Sample color or turbidity does not affect the measurement.

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